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2017 FMA Grant Homeowner Web Application

The City of Houston, in partnership with the Texas Water Development Board, is applying for a FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Grant Program. Through this grant program, FEMA can provide funding to assist with the cost of elevation of flood prone homes, with highest priority to Severe Repetitive Loss properties. To be eligible for inclusion in this upcoming application you must have a current National Flood Insurance Program policy. You must maintain this policy to have a chance of award. The grant program is voluntary and not guaranteed for funding. A participating property owner may withdraw at any stage prior to the initiation of the elevation project. The Floodplain Management Office (FMO) is unable to verify your web submittal and attachments.



Please specify the type of structure for which you are submitting:
Single Family Residence

Was this home damaged by floods in 2015 and/or 2016?

Proof of Current NFIP Flood Insurance Coverage (Flood Policy Declarations page from NFIP Policy)
Color photos of each of the four sides of the house
Elevation Certificate (If unavailable, the City will gather the needed information)
Sketch of property with footprint of house, with dimensions
FEMA Flood Loss History and/or Proof of Loss or Final Report from previous claims (Optional - complete flood loss history from FEMA documents provides best chance of funding)

Please enter your initials to indicate your interest in participating in this voluntary program. Your initials does not obligate you to participate.


Please note that all required documents must be submitted before 5pm on Friday, August 25th, 2017 to be considered for inclusion in the grant application. Ensure that all required documents are attached before you submit. Incomplete submittals may not be included in the grant application. Homeowner packages must be submitted in person at the Floodplain Management Office or at