Abandonment and Sale of Street or Alley
Jonathan S. Pielop
2828 Trout St Houston Texas 77093
Joel Vitela
1445 N. Loop West #450 Houston TX 77008
Terra Associates, Inc.
Description and square footage of requested street or alley to be abandoned and sold (Example: Water line easement, 20 feet wide by 200 feet long;total of 4,000 square feet):
Legal description and address of the property abutting the portion of the street or alley to be abandoned and sold, by lot and block, including the name of the subdivision. If the property is not located in a platted subdivision, provide the name of the survey and the abstract number ( Example:123 First Street, Lot 5, Block 3, Western Heights Subdivision or Tracts 1A and 3C, Obedience Smith Survey, a-56):
Statement of intended use and details of the requested street or alley to be sold:
Is there a site plan if the property will be redeveloped? If so, please include a copy of the site plan with this application.
What is the timeline for proposed redevelopment?
What is the timeline to vacate the property if the property is currently occupied?
Description and square footage of any property interest to be conveyed to the City by the applicant (Example: Sanitary sewer easement, from First Street to Second Street that is 10 feet wide by 50 feet long totaling 500 square feet):
A clear 8.5 x 11-inch drawing or map of the requested property interest highlighted in different colors or cross-hatched in different patterns, with a legend indicating property owned by other abutting property owners (if applicable) and the property requested to be sold.
One recently dated aerial photograph of the subject area.
Three different, full size, recent, clear photographs of the subject area taken from different directions or point of view marked or otherwise indicating the requested property in relation to reference points such as streets, the applicant's property, etc.
The subdivision plat,deed, or legal instrument that dedicated or conveyed the City's or public's ownership of the requested property interest, in a clearly readable form with the recording information. The subdivision plat must be large as necessary to accommodate the map and dedicatory language on one page.
Harris County Appraisal District printouts showing the applicant's property ownership, the City's ownership, any other abutting property owner's ownership if applicable.
Surveys or City drawings of the subject area if available.
Current title report of the parent tract.
Site plan of current and proposed project ( if available).
Date Comments Status Name Role
11/8/2018 9:35:30 AM Applicant Review Joel Vitela Agent
11/8/2018 9:43:05 AM Submitted Jonathan Pielop Applicant
11/13/2018 10:21:44 AM This application is pending resolution from the Legal Department. Please do not hold to the JRC agenda date that shows on the screen. This application will not receive an JRC agenda date until the resolution is received from the Legal Department. Thank you, Accepted Real Estate Intake Agent

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